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Bob and Mona Davies
Bob is President, CEO and Founder of Community Outreach Ministry.  He and his wife Mona volunteer part-time “Giving at-risk kids a second chance to be winners and champions,” through year round, outreaches, camping, mentoring and Christmas programs.
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Yolanda Burgess
Yolanda is a volunteer, with 20+ years of banking and administration experience in small business and non-profit agencies; a leader in Children’s Church, Camping, mentoring, organizing fundraisers, and manning booths at outreaches.
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Denise Ronzello
Denise is a volunteer, with thirty nine years of Hair Stylist experience.  She enjoys fundraising, lobbying and cooking dinners for our Outreaches and manning booths at local events.
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Norma Brunette
Norma is a volunteer with 20+ years of professional experience in banking, lending, and real estate. She enjoys networking, lobbying, fundraising and manning booths at local events.
Marilyn K. Brown
Board member Marilyn retired from the United States Air Force after 20 years of service. She worked around the world treating and medically caring for military patients. Marilyn participates in the ministry's: Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration Model: Mentor Protege workshops and "Gearing Up for STEM" Mentor Protégé workshops in the community and schools.