Meeting a big need in children of prisoners, at-risk and needy kids by breaking the cycle of crime, poverty, illiteracy, incarceration and self destruction.  Everyday these kids are at risk of going hungry, living without utilities, are in cramped conditions with multiple families, homelessness and having to fend for themselves.  Youngsters have lost their parents to crime, prison, drugs, alcohol and are six times more at risk of becoming the next generation of inmates.


COM raises scholarships to provide needy kids with a week away out of stressful environments to have fun at camp.  Campers go on daily field trips to the water-park, hiking, playing sports, and teaming activities to enhance their skills to "team-up and build-up."  Through participation in activities, kids discover their natural gifts and talents.  They learn their lives are valued and are empowered to reshape their destiny to do better in school, at home, and in the community.


Mentoring by caring adults is the single most effective strategy for building character and curbing destructive behavior. Mentoring decreases crime, involvement with drugs, alcohol and skipping school. Mentoring increases educational achievements and helps to prepare these youngsters for productive employment, and to be self-sustaining adults. Early intervention has increased the children's capacities to become first generation graduates, skilled workers, and earning a legal salary.


COM hosts an annual Christmas party and adopts local needy children to receive clothes, fun gifts, lunch, and entertainment.  The children's ages are zero to eighteen and they are thrilled to be the guests of honor and celebrate Christmas.  At the party, children are invited to get connected with Community Outreach Ministry's breaking the cycle of incarceration: Mentor Protege Workshop Programs and year-round activities.